Career Choice in 2023- Have You Thought About Your Resolution ?

If you are a fresh graduate or entry-level professional, making a career choice can be overwhelming. Assessing and mapping your skills with existing career options can be difficult. Hence, it is vital to take professional career guidance. 

Therefore, with 2022 coming to an end, what better time to start thinking about a game plan for the year ahead? To help you thrive in your career, we’ve assembled a few steps to help you decide on your career choice: 

  1. Choose your Industry  – First, identify a wide area you want to explore. It could be any industry, such as manufacturing, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, software engineering etc. Once you identify your domain of interest, start exploring the nature of work. In addition, investigate the skill sets employers to seek.
  2. Narrow down by career path – Your desired field of interest would have numerous career paths. For instance, digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, branding and more. Make a list of all possible career paths in your chosen domain. Now, map your existing skill sets with each career path’s required skills. Thus, narrow the list down to a few viable career paths and determine what skills you need to acquire to pursue one.
  3. Locate jobs – Once you have a few career paths, start looking for available roles and opportunities in those areas. 

Top 5 Resolutions You Gotta Stick to No Matter What

Now that you have learned how to make a career choice let’s work on the list of new year’s resolutions to bring in 2023 with a bang! 

1. I’ll Identity My Strengths and Skills ”

You must be well-versed of your biggest strengths and professional skills. While earning a diverse range of skills is excellent for staying ahead of the competition. Moreover, it is also essential to align your upskilling goals with your existing skill set. After all, you don’t wish to be the Jack of all trades and Master of none, right?

You have a greater chance of increasing your market worth when you chart your upskilling path according to your skills and interests. By selecting a course that matches your skills and interests, you’ll look forward to polishing those by participating in interactions and collaborating with your peers.

2.” Discovering my Future Skills “

If you desire to upskill, why not choose a skill that’s here to stay?

Future skills entail those skills that have a substantial bearing on our present and influence the industry demands in the future. As I mentioned, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analysis, project management, software development, machine learning, digital marketing, healthcare & nursing, and law are the top skills to look out for in 2023. Thankfully, Unschool offers top-notch courses and programs in these trending domains. No wonder why they are best India’s best e-learning platform! 

Once you’ve determined your future skills, pit them against your career goals. See which skill domain fits your bill and move accordingly. 

3. I’ll Focus on Networking & Cultivating Meaningful Connections”

We all know the worth of networking. Particularly with today’s challenging competition, cultivating meaningful relationships will help you stand out from the crowd and make a career. Always seek advice from people who’ve grasped analyzing the industry graph.

Employ your links to earn industry insights, make new connections, and gain advice on the best pathway for upskilling. Conversing with people and gaining their wisdom will broaden your point of view and even put things into perspective. So, make sure to use your connections to the fullest! Thus, establishing meaningful connections will help you build a robust professional network.

4. “I’m Going to Invest in Online Course Certification”

Naturally, learning, reskilling, and upskilling have been stapled demands for students and professionals in today’s journey. While upskilling permits candidates to gain the hottest trending industry skills, it enables professionals to increase their knowledge base and market value.  

However, today, the learning and development paradigm can no longer be restricted to 4 walls of classrooms and corporate training sessions. Companies and employees must actively fund their time and efforts toward professional training and online certification programs.

Generally, certification courses are created to cater to the specific upskill demands of students and professionals. The industry-specific curriculum concentrates on the latest topics, interest areas, tools, frameworks, and applications. To help learners thoroughly understand the domain they wish to pursue. Likewise, Unschool is offering various online course certifications with an internship to make the candidate industry ready.

With these four new year’s resolutions, we’re sure candidates stay well-prepared for the upcoming challenges 2023 might bring. 

What are some of your resolutions? Let us know in the comments!

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