Few Recession-Proof Jobs In 2023

How safe is your job?

Everyone adores a booming economy. Hopes are high, budgets get backed in a blink, and companies can’t keep up with the demand by hiring fast.

And yet, the economic cycle is called a “cycle” for a reason. Therefore, slow-downs, recessions, or downright depressions follow booms. When the economy is declining, consumers tighten their belts, businesses slice non-essential expenses, and even the government restrains hiring. 

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Everyone wants to know which jobs will save them from these economic ups and downs. It is a tricky question because every profession and job position blend is unique without guarantees.

Yet, some jobs are vital for the normal functioning of society. So, no matter what happens, there will always be a demand for someone to do them. Although it’s a stretch to call them “100% recession-proof,” they are as close as it gets to guaranteed job security in challenging times.

Let’s check the lists of the industry to find your recession-proof job!

Top best recession-proof jobs

1. Medical professional

Many jobs and specialties are available in the medical profession, such as registered nurses (RNs), pharmacists, etc. People and animals get sick regardless of the economy, so they always require access to qualified professionals who can help.

2. Education services

Economic booms may come and go, but support in the future is always essential. Jobs in primary, secondary, higher, unique, and adult education are highly relevant regardless of the economic environment. Those who want to pursue this path should know that the way education gets delivered is shifting. However, traditional classroom structures are now placed with online classes, meaning you can teach without leaving home. 

3. Law enforcement officers

The exact relationship between crime and economic cycles is complex. Some crimes expect a downturn, others coincide with it, and some don’t show any correlation. Communities want to fund physical safety for local businesses and residents through any economic climate. Therefore, there is a demand for professionals who can support them during an economic recession.

4. Financial services

Money movement is essential, which clarifies why financial professionals are always in demand. Accountants, auditors, actuaries, claims adjusters, tax preparers are long and varied. Many positions demand professional certifications, like Enrolled Agent (EA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Moreover, if you want to know about the finance industry, get your hands on the Unschool’s online course certification. 

5. Sales and marketing 

Have you ever heard that salespeople are getting fired during a recession? No right. The reason behind this is that companies will not take the risk of firing salespeople because they are the one who brings revenue to the company. Therefore this job is never going out of fashion because there are always opportunities in the company. Moreover, the best part of the job is that you earn incentives if you over-achieve your target. 

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Finally, many recession-resistant jobs demand specialised training and experience. Moreover, many institutes offer online course certification( Unschool) or internships (ULead) to upskill individuals. Remember, the recession will come and go, but you must be prepared and upskilled. 

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However, don’t worry if your job doesn’t fit these requirements perfectly. Hundreds of other jobs are important to our well-being and the continued order of society. Just always be aware of what’s going on when the economy starts turning for the worse.  

All the best!

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