Ethical Hacking- Want to hack into networks and systems and get paid for it ?

Ethical hacking is the one. I mean, why not? After all, hacking as a notion is the second most featured sequence in action movies after road chases. Think about it. 

And growing up, we have all admired that one character who constantly donned a black hoodie and chewed a pack of gum. But hacking is not always the evil deed displayed to us. It can have an immense benefit and positive impact on people, businesses, and organisations. around the globe.

According to govt uk, from March 2020 to March 2021, four in ten businesses (39%) in the UK encountered cyber-security breaches. 

And this is not just the case in the UK, as cyber-attacks threaten businesses in every industry worldwide.

Ethical hacking can be crucial in fighting the threat of malicious hacking and other cyber attacks. However, businesses that employ professionals to hack their systems ethically will have a better opportunity of finding and fixing weaknesses before a cybercriminal can take advantage of them. Read on to learn more about the fascinating topic of ethical hacking and even discover how you can have a career.

What is ethical hacking ?

Commencing with the basics.

Hacking means accessing a computer system without authorised access. It is illegal.

On the other hand, ethical hacking is performed with the consent of the system’s owner. It is done to safeguard the computer from vulnerabilities of numerous kinds.

Is it needed?

Well, today, everything is on the internet, like education, air traffic control, banking, investment, telecommunications, and whatnot! Zillions of gigabytes of data are being produced daily, a large fraction of which is sensitive data. This data demands to be protected from unauthorised usage. In simple words, ethical hackers save data from being accessed by people with malicious intent.

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Career prospects in Ethical Hacking

Crimes connected to computer hacking have always been on the verge, even before 4G internet became a usual ‘pocket thing’. 

Thus, financial institutions, companies, and government organisations have always had to protect their online data. And today, that need has multiplied 10-fold. 

Therefore the demand for ethical hackers is rising, with no symptoms of the slightest of dips anywhere in the upcoming future. 

Companies need ethical hackers to locate security leaks and guard their data and functioning from potential exposure.

International Data Corp reports reveal that India’s demand for ethical hackers will grow by over 77,000 in the coming few years. Globally the projection suggests a surge of 1,88,000.

Let us dive deep into the top job profiles of ethical hackers and their average salary.

Ethical hacking jobs profile

Top Recruiters for Ethical Hacking

Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Infosys, Paladion Networks, Limited, Wipro Technologies Ltd., and others are among the top recruiters of ethical hackers. These top recruiters either hire candidates from institutions with good pay packages to recruit a potential ethical hacker professional for their companies. Below are some of the organisations in India that hire ethical hackers. Well, skilled professionals have a golden opportunity to secure jobs in the following companies to earn a handsome salary even as a fresher. 

Tata Consultancy Services LimitedHewlett Packard Enterprise
Wipro Technologies Ltd.Capgemini
Paladion NetworksDeloitte
EY (Ernst & Young)Zynga
Infosys LimitedValueMentor InfoSec PVT LTD
Iraje SoftwareSynchrony Financial
QSSOT TechnologyDell Technologies

Skills Required to be an Ethical Hacker

To land an ethical hacking position in a reputable firm, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. An ethical hacker must have expertise and sound working knowledge of Linux servers, Microsoft, Virtualization, Cisco network switches, Citrix, and Microsoft Exchange. Therefore, adequate knowledge of the current penetration software and tools is crucial to succeeding and staying ahead of the competition.  

However, a thorough knowledge of detailed skills is a must-have for ethical hackers. Skills that are useful for an ethical hacker are presented below:

Knowledge of different operating systemsSystem administration
Skills like security research, mallard research and analysisNetworking skills,knowledge of routers,firewalls,
All the coding skills: C++,Python, Java, Html etc.Cloud security,information security, security audit.

The career ahead

No doubt the job of ethical hackers is challenging because they play a vital role in the company to detect and secure them against potential threats. Their job is to document all the steps undertaken carefully to determine the vulnerabilities in a system. Moreover, many ethical hackers write examining computer codes to look for flaws. However, with the growing demand for ethical hackers in diverse industries, a talent gap is expected in the coming years. 

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) “nowhere is the workforce-skills gap more pronounced than in cyber-security.” Most chief information security officers worldwide are worried about the cyber-security skills gap. 58 percent of CISOs believe that the problem of not having an expert cyber staff will worsen in the future. As more businesses realize this, almost every industry is seeking to hire ethical hackers to maintain their information safe and secure from possible breaches. Therefore, it is the need of the hour for candidates in these domains to up-skill themselves adequately to draw promising job opportunities.

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