Surviving Tactics for Interns in the Corporate World – Inspired by Panchayat 

The wait was finally over when Amazon Prime announced the release of Panchayat season 2. We have all been waiting for it for over a year.

Like me, many of you must have knitted various stories around season two. Some of us prayed for the advent of Sachiv Ji’s love life, while others hoped he cleared his CAT this season.

Unwittingly, we all had started belonging to Fulera and could not wait to visit there again. I felt Fulera had become our Nani’s house which we visited during our summer vacations. Despite the underdeveloped village, we fell for the little Panchayat office and had a strange urge to see the village from the top of the water tank. 

On the same note, coming from a big city to a small village was a big struggle for Abhishek Tripathi. Later he survived and made memories with his colleagues. Thanks to this show for supplying us with some incredibly boosting life lessons for interns to survive in an alien culture like corporate. Let us look at few surviving tactics for interns below:

1. Work is indirectly proportional to salary

The Bibipur dancer educated us to appreciate all occupations. Sometimes, we tend to ignore what the other individual is going through. We might not always appreciate what others do, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t disrespect them. Interns working in the sales department might look down because it is referred to as a “ calling job”. But in reality they are the one who brings revenue to the company.  

2. It’s never too late to learn something new

The show has Neena Gupta, the real Panchayat but is underrated as Panchayat’s wife. But in season one, they show how she takes a step to learn new things. This teaches that there is no right or wrong age for learning. Sometimes, you might need to add a new skill to your bucket due to the demand of that job to earn more. Go ahead and get a new skill and explore your potential. Let ULead be your first step towards a better version of yourself. 

3. Be ready for new challenges

While working as a Sachiv, Abhishek did not give up on his dream of becoming an MBA. So he studies and takes an extra step daily to get closer to his dream. There are challenges from day one when he steps into Phulera, but with time he learns to face them and finds a solution. In the same way, this is the surviving tactics for interns in the unpredictable corporate world so stay strong and encounter that problem. Ensure that you learn positive lessons from it. Especially interns need to gear up for any upcoming obstacles. ULead, gives you the platform to explore yourself and overcome your weaknesses. 

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4. Tomorrow is never guaranteed

Rahul Pandey, Prahlad’s son, taught us the value of life. Life is uncertain; appreciate every moment since tomorrow is never guaranteed. Indeed the end of Panchayat was emotional and left us motivated to explore all our desires like there is no tomorrow. Likewise, interns should prove their potential in the right manner. Moreover, try to complete your tasks before the deadlines rather than storing them for the next day.

5. It is impossible to please everyone

Even if you take care of everyone, there will always be a reason for people to complain. Instead, one should concentrate on themselves and do things that make one happy. There is a misconception among the interns that they must please everyone on the floor to get a job. Sometimes it is impossible to please everyone, leading to pressure in professional life. But do not worry; you will encounter good and bad souls in the corporate world. So don’t drain out your energy to please everyone. 

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