Essence of a Mentorship- Importance of guidance for your growth 

Essence Of a Mentorship

What if Steve Jobs did not go on walks with Mark Zuckerberg in Palo Alto? Or if Peter Parker did not gravitate toward Tony Stark for guidance?

However, both of them are heroes in their own success stories, including fictional characters. The power of mentorship is noticeable in the above statement. Steve Jobs and Tony Stark are seen as mentors and had a great deal of influence on their mentees’ career choices and life paths.

Sometimes people get confused between the coach and mentor. A mentor’s responsibility is to guide their mentee to develop to its full potential and gives you apt guidance.

A mentor has your best interest at heart, thinking of the long-term scenario. On the other hand, a coach set a targeted result which includes the enhancement of his student’s hard skills required to win or complete an event. Thus, the role is considered a short-term capacity.

Below are the points regarding how mentoring is beneficial for students:

They have tested & proven experience

Business models and industry structures are continually evolving. Sometimes it is challenging to catch up on industry trends and day-to-day responsibilities. However, having a mentor enables you to have a front-row seat to what to expect from the industry and what you can do to thrive. Mistakes and errors are unavoidable at some point but repeating is not encouraged. 

Builds up your confidence and professional esteem

Every candidate is skilled and qualified on their own respective merits. Mentors acknowledge these skills and talents and give you credit. Mentors do not come with a tag and so they can be employers or supervisors, parents, brothers or sisters. During the internship, interns can look for mentors who can guide them to build a successful career.

Mentors understand the essence of nurturing your skills and talents. Thus, building your confidence is critical to having a bullish attitude in paving your way toward a career. “Your mentors in life are important, so choose them wisely.” Likewise, ULead can help you provide internships with the best mentors. Well, ULead is an internship program that focuses on upskilling the students while reinventing learning and transforming

lives with us. We are seeking spirited individuals who are looking to challenge the way the system works and if you believe that exceptional and well-rounded education is the way to change the world, we are on the same page. So, skyrocket your career with ULead now.

Their objective is unparalleled

Another benefit of a mentor is a feedback loop that will guide you through the best course of action possible. It is good to have someone by your side who understands and encourages you. Also, having mentors with unbiased perceptions boost the confidence of the students.  Mentors are outstanding in pulling you out of your comfort zone. They want their mentees to chase after many fulfilling opportunities rather than stagnant.

Helps unearth talents and potential you never knew you had

There is a famous saying, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” Therefore, the above saying proves true in mentorship. Good mentors challenge your way of thinking by listening and asking questions to guide you towards your answer. A mentor’s role is to point you in the right direction by developing your full potential for upcoming opportunities.

Expand your network and introduce career opportunities

Most mentors have established their professional’s careers. Simultaneously, they have vast networks and have built a rapport with their network. Mentors are in the position to introduce you to their network so you can expand yours. You might never know, these networks can lead you to other career opportunities.

Final thoughts

For a mentorship to be an enjoyable and successful experience one must have a level of aspiration toward the mentor. The role involves providing its mentee with practical guidance to shape the mentee towards better in terms both professional and personal. Always remember, a mentor is not responsible for your success but you are. Mentors and mentees need to complement each other. Mutual respect, interest, and commitment to the goal must exist to have a healthy and beneficial mentorship. Therefore, having a mentor will not be a comfortable journey. The obvious reasons are that you will be challenged to grow beyond your comfort zone and put yourself in unique situations so that you get a taste of handling situations. As discussed earlier mentors can be anyone with industry experience and professional qualifications so even experienced professionals have mentors. It is never too late to have a mentor for fresh graduates, entry-level professionals, and up-and-comers should have one, too. 

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